The photographer

Elisa Stambouli Newborn PhotographerHello! I’m Elisa Stambouli, I’m a graphic designer and self-taught photographer and I own and run Little Pose Newborn Photography. I was born and raised in Venezuela, and arrived to the US in 2002 with a job opportunity as a graphic designer. A few years later, I felt attracted to photography and I purchased my very first SRL camera and started to have fun shooting everything in front of me. I was fascinated to take any photography job opportunity just because I loved it! Then, while I was pregnant with my first daughter I remember seeing some newborn photography flyers at my OB’s office and always thought: this is what I want to do! Well, it took me three more years, after my second daughter was born, to really get my hands on this new path. A lot of research, courses, tutorials and practice led me to where I am today, and what started as a hobby now became a passion. Newborn and portrait photography now has become all ever I wanted to do.

I think babies and children are fascinating but they grow up so fast that this moment only lasts for so long, that’s why I put the best of me and all of my talent to create memories that will last a life time.
I’m truly passionate about newborn photography and I consider it one of the most delicate arts. My photography technique and style are focused on extreme attention to details in both pre and post-production, helping me achieve a unique style which I consider deserves the label of “fine baby portraiture”.