Start off a session with an awake baby

Newborn Photography Awake Baby

Start off a session with an awake (very awake) baby Ok so client arrived on time (or not), you’re ready with your setting options and props, baby just fed and is happy but, he’s still awake and it doesn’t look like he wants to sleep. Don’t panic! this is totally normal and happens often, more […]

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Tucked in pose: slight variations, different results

Newborn tucked in pose

Many poses have more than just one way to capture them. Sometimes it’s about changing your angles, sometimes about making small changes in the same pose, and sometimes about these two combined. When posing the baby, take your time to analyze what else can you do in that same pose to achieve a different result. […]

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Light Feathering

newborn lighting technique

Light Feathering – Achieving a natural light look with studio lights Here’s another article that I posted a while ago in my FB group “I Love Learning Newborn Photography“. I’m a 99% natural light shooter, however, mastering studio lights and being able to replicate natural light has been a total challenge to me. After some […]

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Light incidence on subject


In my previous article, I wrote about where to position the baby in relation to your light source, now I want to elaborate on the correct incidence angle of the light on the subject. I’ve created this graphic to illustrate the same setup with two different light incidence angles. Same rule apply for studio lights. […]

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Light Source Position

Newborn Photography

One of the things I teach in my Newborn Workshops is where to place the subject in relation to your light source and in this case I refer to placing the subject because my light source is a window therefore I can’t move the window :). However the same rules apply when you’re using studio […]

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